sparkler exit at nazareth hall

Saturday’s wedding was absolutely beautiful! Lauren and Jay Dee met online on EHarmony! We matched up literally on the Friday Lauren joined and then that following Monday the pair went on our first date at Granite City. Lauren says it was love at first sight. She said, “We knew we loved each other during a 21 Pilots concert when the lead singer played “Falling in Love with you” on his ukulele. We didn’t say it, just look at each other and we both had that nonverbal I love you “let’s keep this feeling forever” moment”.

Jay Dee surprised Lauren with a trip to Germany for her 30th birthday. He had Lauren thinking it was a trip to go and finally meet his mom, stepdad, and sisters in person. The second day they were in Germany, Jay Dee told Lauren to get ready for a day of adventuring. When they were in the historic town of Göslar with his Mom and Step-Dad, they ended the tour in front of a castle. Only Jay Dee and Lauren walked up to the building. Lauran said, “I went up to check one of the doors to see if it would open, but of course it was locked. I heard Jay Dee open his travel bag and I thought he was getting his phone to take a picture of me, so I paused to make sure he got the shot. I turned around and see him down on one knee and ask those infamous words, “Will you marry me?”

The wedding day was laid back, fun, and it was a perfect May day for an outdoor ceremony. The pair got married surrounded by those who were able to attend and had a live stream for those who were unable to attend as well as Jay Dee’s mom and sisters, who were stuck in Germany due to COVID travel bans. Lauren hopes next year, maybe for their one-year anniversary, they can travel to Germany to have a vow renewal with Germany family in attendance.

Their reception featured German traditions, a live band that played both German/polka as well as top/current hits, and lots of beer! The couple ended the night with a sparkler exit before hitting their after-party. Congratulations, Lauren and Jay Dee! It was a beautiful day!

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Ceremony – Nazareth Hall, Chapel
Reception – Nazareth Hall, Cadet West
Cake – Alyssa’s Cakes and Confections
Bride and Bridesmaids dress – Atlas Bridal
Flower Girl Dresses – David’s Bridal
Necklaces – Coyote Beads
Flowers – Kircher’s Flowers
Rings – Waddington Jewelers, Christ Jewelers (Germany)
Band – Brian Papesh Band
Hair – Shirley Sei Bella Salon

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