Secrets Tulum Destination Mexico Wedding

Chelsea and Wes hosted an unforgettable destination wedding at the stunning Secrets Resort in Tulum, Mexico (yes, the gorgeous resort from Joey’s season of The Bachelor). It was a privilege to be flown in and participate in the joyous celebrations! Chelsea, the Catering Sales Director at Stone Ridge Golf Club, allowed me the honor of capturing the extraordinary moments of their special day—a responsibility I cherish whenever those I work with entrust me with such pivotal memories. She could have chosen anyone!

The ceremony unfolded at the picturesque gazebo at Secrets, Tulum, bathed in the warm glow of golden hour. The sky adorned with captivating clouds set the scene for a quick yet delightful and lighthearted ceremony.

Now, let’s talk about the reception… It was hot, to say the least. Held outdoors amid breathtaking surroundings of the terrace, the evening took an unexpected turn during the first dance—a mishap that will undoubtedly be recounted by their guests for years to come. The transfer of flowers from the ceremony arch to the reception area inadvertently covered cold sparklers, typically used as firework fountains during a couple’s first dance. Despite being advertised as cool to the touch and safe, something went awry. Suddenly, amidst the first dance, a chorus of “FIRE! FIRE!” erupted, prompting a rush of people to remove a flaming centerpiece from the dance floor. Undeniably dangerous, yet undeniably hilarious.

In Chelsea and Wes’s epic destination wedding at Secrets Resort in Tulum, Mexico, every moment felt like a splash of vibrant colors on a canvas. From the dreamy gazebo ceremony against the golden sky to the unexpected and hilarious mishap during the sizzling outdoor reception, their celebration was a crazy mix of joy and surprise. Getting to be part of these once-in-a-lifetime moments was a blast and made me appreciate the trust they put in me to capture their special day. Chelsea and Wes sure know how to turn their wedding into an unforgettable story—one that’s going to be talked about for a long, long time. I cannot wait for their stateside wedding reception in March to celebrate again!

Wedding venue – Secrets Tulum Resort
Wedding dress – Belle Amour Bridal
Bride’s makeup – Secrets Tulum Resort
Catering – Secrets Tulum Resort
Travel agent – Dana Braun

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