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Jen Linehan CF, CFD, has owned Beautiful Blooms by Jen, a full-service wedding and event flower shop, for 13 years. I am so happy to share her story with you!:

Tell us about Beautiful Blooms by Jen

We are full-service wedding and event flower shop that also has a gorgeous shop on Main Street in downtown Sylvania with fun gift items and flowers for any occasion.

I am the only certified florist in Northwest Ohio which means I’ve studied and passed numerous tests about floral design as well as hands-on training and testing. In order to keep my certification, there are continuing education requirements each year which keep myself and my staff knowing the latest and greatest in design techniques as well as care and handling of flowers. It is common for our customers to tell us their flowers lasted over 2 weeks.

For weddings, I love to design the fun and different. We can design whatever the bride wants, but my ideal bride is someone who wants to have something different than every other bride. I love to discover new varieties of flowers and use funky textures.

Another thing that makes us unique is that we will fully service our weddings if needed. This means we are there on your wedding day to pin on corsages, boutonnieres, set up your ceremony flowers, set up all your florals at the reception, etc. This is different than many flower shops that just drop everything off and you have to figure out how to pin on boutonnieres.

Why did you get into weddings?

My dream was always to open my own flower shop, but after graduating college, I began teaching floral design to save money for the flower shop. While teaching some of my friends began getting married and I began designing their wedding flowers and then it just kept growing until I became a full-service florist 10 years ago.

What are some common questions you get asked by couples?

What time will you be delivering the flowers – I always say I work with your photographer or wedding coordinator to make sure I’m there in plenty of time and that’s why service and delivery charges are added in once the timeline is set so we know how long we are needed.

What do you wish people knew about Beautiful Blooms by Jen?

We have tons of rental vases and items for centerpieces so before you start collecting things or buying things, chat with us and you might find something you will really love!

We also design your quote right during your consultation so you leave with a quote in hand.

How far in advance should a couple book you for their event?

Typically about a year. When brides have their date, their venues booked and bridesmaids dresses chosen, they are ready to chat flowers. It’s important to have colors set before we choose flowers so we can make sure we’re choosing the right ones.

What’s an average amount a couple can expect to spend with you?

Typically wedding flowers are 10-15% of your wedding budget. But some couples spend way less and some spend way more.

What advice do you have for a couple looking for someone like you?

Book early!

How can a couple get ahold of you for more information? is our wedding website

Our contact form link is

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