How to wear a veil for your beach wedding

Are you a beach bride wanting to wear a veil? You’ve probably gotten lots and lots of opinions on why you shouldn’t wear a veil or why a shorter veil is the answer. I am here to tell you that you CAN and SHOULD rock a long veil for your beach wedding!

sunset photos at docks beach house

  • Weddings have no rules and your beach wedding should let you wear whatever you want, especially when it comes down to your dress, shoes, and veil!
  • I truly believe long veils are flowier and more graceful during beach weddings. You might fight with them a bit, but they can be weighed down with a bit of sand when you walk to your spot at the altar and won’t have as much of a tendency to fly off as a shorter veil. 
  • Long veils can make up for not having a long train if you wanted a shorter train to deal with the sand. 
  • Long veils are the easiest and best option to photograph on the beach – MOVEMENT!

bride crying during grooms vows at maumee bay

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