Providence Metropark Engagement Photos

Natalie and Joey’s engagement session was the first session I had photographed since the end of March, due to COVID-19. Although it was weird to not get close to them to fix clothing or misplaced hair, we still had so much fun together and even had a rogue chipmunk photobomb part of the session.  I loved the amazing spring weather we had for their session and we started their photos with a few quick portraits

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sidecut wedding photos in the fall

Wedding Trends That Are Going Away in 2021

Throughout my 10 years photographing weddings, I have seen trends come and go. Here are the trends that seem to be going away and how you can skip these trends if you’d like or choose to embrace them as a part of your day: Large weddings/wedding parties. Well, let’s start with the elephant in the room. With everything crazy that is going on in the world this year (Coronavirus, for those that are tuning in

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sunset photos at docks beach house

How to wear a veil for your beach wedding

Are you a beach bride wanting to wear a veil? You’ve probably gotten lots and lots of opinions on why you shouldn’t wear a veil or why a shorter veil is the answer. I am here to tell you that you CAN and SHOULD rock a long veil for your beach wedding! Weddings have no rules and your beach wedding should let you wear whatever you want, especially when it comes down to your dress,

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How to help your struggling wedding vendors *right now*

In the midst of COVID-19, the wedding industry is one of the hardest-hit industries with the smallest amount of recognition right now. The wedding industry is a 74 billion a year industry and outside of loan options such as SBA and PPP, the only attempt at any form of help has been The Knot, a business generating 160 million dollars a year, deciding that they were going to cover half of my advertising for 2

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Everyone will understand. Here are my thoughts *right now* about your June, July, or August wedding

Hey, friends. It’s currently April 29th and a lot has happened over the last month and a half, hasn’t it? Wedding plans are being turned on their heads and everyone is stressing, with good reason. I understand completely and, like you, I wish I had more answers.  With Ohio getting all of these gold stars, a lot of people are turning to me for advice on what to do for their June. July, or August

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nazareth hall wedding photo in elevator

How to Trash Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

I want to teach you the proper way to trash your dress and a suit if you follow these blog tips. Trashing a dress doesn’t have to be like the viral Pinterest photos you see where a bride is lighting her dress on fire or jumping off of a cliff into the water. When you “trash” your dress, it’s typically just a session outside of your normal wedding day to get some more portraits done! Trash

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