Wedding Trends That Are Going Away in 2021

Throughout my time photographing weddings, I have seen trends come and go. Sometimes these trends last a super long time and have been going for what seems like forever and sometimes they’re very short-lived. Here are some of the reoccurring things I’m noticing about trends that seem to be going away and how you can also follow these trends or choose to embrace them as a part of your day.

The biggest wedding trend I can think of that’s losing some steam is the bouquet toss and garter removal/throw. A lot of couples tell me it feels awkward or doesn’t seem to scream “them”, which I totally get. Sometimes the DJ can make a garter removal awkward and sometimes it just seems weird and inappropriate with grandma watching. I’ve seen couples totally forgo both the bouquet toss and the garter removal and toss all together, just keep the bouquet toss and garter toss with no removal, just toss the bouquet, or ditch all of it and save on the costs of the bouquet and the garter as a whole.

Another big one I am seeing less and less of is cake cutting. Sometimes couples opt to not have a cake at all and totally skip this tradition, sometimes they cut the cake but don’t have the DJ turn it into a big thing and just bring immediate family and the photographer in for it so the party keeps going, and some do a quick cake cutting for everyone and then have a table full of desserts and cake instead of just cake.

I rarely ever see the dash for cash and the dollar dance. As far as trendier games, you have the shoe game, which is when each person holds up one of their shoes and one of their spouse’s shoes depending on the answer to the question. A lot of people do not like this game since it puts the attention directly on you for a longer length of time.

Not missing cocktail hour is another trend I’m seeing more and more of. With first looks being so popular, seeing your guests during cocktail can easily be created into your timeline by your planner or a skilled photographer.

And finally, ceremony programs. I don’t see many of these anymore because your guests, for the most part, know what’s going on. I hear from many couples after the day is done that they had lots leftover and many guests didn’t even take one at all. Save your money and use it for something else.

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