Amanda and Aaron’s snowy engagement session was four months in the making, but I am so proud of what we accomplished! They had a vision for a more dark and moody engagement session in the snow and Amanda purchased the perfect tulle skirt to wear for the session. I brought up smoke bombs and this was my first time working with them and overall, I am super happy with how it turned out! 

We started planning the session (and hoping for snow!) in November and our first opportunity where the two were off work when it was looking like snow was in February. As you might remember before COVID hit, we didn’t have the snowiest winter earlier this year, so this was VERY hard to plan! I watched the weather like crazy and a few days before our scheduled session, I noticed it was getting a little warmer than anticipated, so I actually went to the location of this engagement session in Perrysburg and took photos and made notes of HOW to replicate these a few days later. I am SO glad I did! The day I took these photos, there was a beautiful amount of snow on the ground and snow in the trees and then the day of the session, the snow was starting to melt a bit. 

I have been using Photoshop since I was about 12, so it was nice to play around with these photos and transport them into the snowy background. We were SO lucky the sun stayed behind the clouds and I was able to move the couple from one background to another and add some falling snow to the photos. It was A LOT of work, but so worth it to achieve this couple’s engagement session vision! 

I’ll show a photo of the scene I created in Photoshop and then the actual photo taken below, but I cannot wait to show you all of these photos – the couple is having an intimate ceremony this December with a reception to follow in 2021! I loved that the wands were busted out for a few photos for this engagement session since their reception will be full-on Harry Potter themed. Enjoy!

engagement session in the snow toledo

Photoshopped photo I created

engagement session ideas toledo ohio

What the scene actually looked like the day of the session. All of the photos below were Photoshopped!

snowy engagement session in red skirt toledo
fun engagement session in the snow toledo
toledo engagement session with snow falling
engagement session in the snow with red skirt
harry potter engagement session with wands
snow engagement session in toledo
christmas smoke bomb engagement photos

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